Increase your fitness and learn Self Defense along the way.

BarraFIT is fitness inspired by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…


Why Choose BarraFit?


A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu inspired workout that will help you improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and general well being. Let us help you Move Better!

  • Barra fit combat involves striking and mma(mixed martial arts) movements in high intensity cardio

  • Barra Fit Performance: Jiu Jitsu and general exercises to help improve general fitness and movement, no contact.

  • Barra Fit Flex: Great for recovery.


More info on the Barra Fit program

  • Ideal for all fitness levels and body types/

  • Clean and professional environment

  • No experience required.

  • Variety of Jiu Jitsu based movement and traditional exercises.

  • Improve strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

  • Great fun and encouraging environment from beginner to advanced.